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Asset Management

Asset Management

Key features

  • Keeps track of all documents, certificates for all assets of your company. E.g. Certificate of conformance, manufacturer supplied documents, asset photographs… 
  • Generate a unique number for each asset based on company naming requirements
  • Allows asset tracking to meet legal/government requirements
  • Suspend / Activate asset based on rules
  • Capture as much information as possible using dynamic forms
  • Link category and classification for asset grouping
  • Configure asset at every level to fine tune reminder/escalation process
  • Capture vital information when Asset status changes

Preventive measures to notify before hand

  • Assists in keeping audit NCRs (Non Conformance Record) in check to keep your business operating without losing license.
  • Sends reminders, escalations to managers in a timely manner for assets that may have calibrations expired or expiring soon, verification not done as scheduled
  • Suspends assets if calibration has expired so that these assets do not get used for conducting tests for your clients
  • Keep track of consumables by storing consumable by batch number and expiry date
Configurable system to capture all possible scenarios
  • Dynamic forms can be assigned for each classification to capture accurate information on calibration, asset status change (e.g. Written off/Lost)
  • Stores all important information about an asset – Manufacturer, Serial Number, Cost (for Insurance),  Model, Acquisition date, supplier
  • Dynamic tagging for asset location, user assigned to, classification of asset, category of asset, status of asset