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Create Job

Create a Job

This section is designed to manage process control within a business so that a job can be created only using permitted data input including:

  • Active clients only
  • Frequently used one of the client’s addresses
  • Frequently providing one of the client’s staff
  • Automatic pre-filling of client contact details such as email ID, contact number, any special instructions
  • Active Specifications such as Product Standards, test-inspection or process Standards, Materials Standards
  • Prompting user to complete several other mandatory data selection to create a self-explanatory Job sheet.

Job confirmation automatic email

The OMS Software platform is designed to operate in accordance with ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 9001 and similar quality Standards where several quality events are required to be completed effectively.

ISO 17025 Cl. 7 specifies that the laboratory shall adequately document and understand work requests and contracts. Laboratories shall select appropriate methods and procedures that meet the customers’ requirements and inform them when any deviation from the work request or a contract occurs. The standard also specifies that any differences between the contract or work request shall be resolved before laboratory activities commence.

To comply with the above requirements and as a best industry practice, the OMS platform will automatically email job details to the customer after a job has been created in the OMS platform. Automatic email can be configured at each client contact level and ceased at the job creation level or job revision process.

In accordance with ISO 17025 Clause 7.1.4, any differences between the work request / contract shall be resolved before laboratory activities commence. Each contract shall be acceptable to both, the laboratory, and the customer.

The automated email provides an opportunity to your customer to review the job details and contact you for any discrepancies. This process achieves the ISO requirements and ensures that your business is operating efficiently.

Editing a pre-configured email

OMS Software is designed to eliminate as many manual processes as possible, including having pre-configured emails, however we do understand that some elements of a process need to be customisable to allow for client specific information and communication.

When emailing a report to a client, the pre-configured email text in the email body, can be modified before sending the email and report to a client.