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Emails Configuration

Email configuration

The primary objective in the OMS platform has always been to provide a complete auditable and traceable LIMS+ERP system with a full suite of productivity tools that can take care of most repetitive tasks, by automating those recurring functions. 

Automation of recurring functions not only increase productivity of the Enterprise but also morale of the staff as they do not have to repeat the same work every day.

One of the productivity features in the OMS is the configuration and customisation aspects for repetitive emails.

In most organisations, composing and sending an email can take a minimum of 5 minutes. On average, a business might be sending 20-30 recurring emails per day to communicate with various parties for business purpose e.g., seeking remittance advice or reminding overdue invoices or other general business activities.

In this section, the entire recurring email process can be automated to save time and increase productivity. An OMS platform authorised user can simply configure a recurring email. From the information provided in this process, the OMS platform will look for the relevant topics and automatically distribute the email to internal or external parties.

This productivity suite eliminates the entire manual process of recurring emails. Depending on the speed of your staff and the nature of recurring emails, this automation can save a minimum of $64,000/annum (260workdays/ annum x 20emails/day x 5mins/email x $2.50 per min business cost).

Note – Enterprise cost can be calculated by dividing total cost by total paid hours.