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Leads & BRM

Lead Management

There are several very good off-the-shelf CRM programs available in the industry. Although they are excellent in their domains, most of them are fragmented and not integrated with the Enterprise operations and management of jobs and accounting.

Business relationship management (BRM) module or Lead management (LM) or commonly known as CRM is integral part of the OMS to manage leads, potential clients and customers. OMS’ BRM module is not only connected to the Fee proposals or quotations module of the OMS but it is also integrated in managing jobs, reports and accounting activities.  

Many SME’s either do not have a CRM program or if they have it is fragmented and not integrated with their operations and job management programs or accounting packages or if connected, there is a need for management to visit the CRM to find performance of marketing or business development activities.

OMS is designed to save time for business owners, directors and managers. Hence, instead of a person wasting their time to open the CRM program, then login, then search for the required business performance reports for a date period, OMS emails monthly reports automatically to the nominated staff of the company. This saves time for multiple employees of the company for accessing the same information.

Some businesses either have no process in place to manage or prioritise their leads or clients or some of the fragmented CRM programs do not have adequate configurable tools to filter or prioritise Leads. In the OMS, a user can create ranking by creating a list of parameters and its own weighing criteria. OMS can then use these weighting parameters to calculate highest ranking Lead and display to the marketing/business development staff in the order of priority. Without prioritising leads, a company may lose opportunity if not acted in a timely manner.

Most importantly, the BRM / CRM list is secured within the OMS. Except SuSuper login (Generally Directors or their delegates), other users cannot readily download the CRM data and move to another business. 

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