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Policies and implementation on release

The OMS platform is designed to ensure business compliance, whether it is to comply with the quality standards such as ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 9001 or any safety or human resources related local regulatory requirements.

When a new policy is published by your organisation, staff will receive a notification on their OMS platform login. The notification will request your staff to read the policy.  Like an event reminder in MS Outlook, your staff can choose to read or snooze this reminder (up to maximum 5 times). If snoozed, then the OMS platform will display the notification again after 1 hour.  If you staff do not read after 5 attempts, the OMS platform remove access to the OMS platform menu, until the user has read your published company policy.

The OMS platform will keep traceable audit recording of the date and time your staff read the published policy.  This compliance system ensures that all your staff are aware of your current company policies and they adhere to the company protocols.

Authorised user from your company can upload all your company policies. An existing policy can be revised with a single click and updated with the newest version.