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Search Invoices

Invoice Search

In this section, a permitted user can search & filter by Paid, Unpaid or both.

The point of difference in the OMS platform is that a user from a multi-branch company will be able to search, filter and export a report to excel, as a combined report for the entire business, or as individual tabs for each of the branches/locations.

Simplified credit note

Issuing a create note is already an indirect loss-making process.

In all quality companies, often staff must issue a credit note for the entire invoice and then re-invoice under another name.

The OMS platform is equipped with intelligence augmentation (IA) to eliminate most manual labour work and to record important information for traceability and audit purposes.

The OMS Platform will record data, time, username, and the reason for the credit note, before allowing the user to create a credit note.

When staff are required to issue a full credit note, this can be completed with a single click. The OMS platform can automatically create the entire original invoice in a negative invoice (credit note).
once reviewed and generated, this will automatically be emailed to the accounts contact on file.