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Why Us

OMS as a virtual assistant control and manages owner’s laboratories; and provides them live detailed business information at any point of the time at a click of a button. OMS periodically email management & financial reports and Key Productivity Indicators (KPI’s) of the business to the nominated email addresses.

Unlike other ERP software, OMS is a turn-key solution integrated software that includes online Quality Management System (QMS) and processes designed to comply with ISO 17025ISO 17020 and ISO 9001OMS can control, manage and demonstrate live compliance related data to your accreditation bodies.

OMS have a team of professional engineers having expertise in the engineering testing domain, ERP domain, Pre-sales domain, Integration domain and e-commerce domain. Combination of these professionals from different speciality ensures that the laboratory owners and their representatives are benefitted by implementation of the most cost- effective software that can save thousands to millions over a period. Moreover, you will be contributing in the environmental sustainability by making your organisation a paperless workplace yet all data traceable in the OMS for years to come.

Most businesses don’t incur losses or less profit because they are not good enough. They incur losses because the owners or the senior managers don’t have adequate tools to measure their business performance effectively. Click here to explore further about each module and evaluate how much your business could save by decreasing rework, increasing productivity and net profit.