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Management Schedule

Management Schedule  

OMS is designed to comply with ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 9001 and similar other quality Standards wherein several management and quality events are required to be completed periodically.

You can schedule management events such as internal audit or proficiency test or insurance renewal requirements in the OMS then set remind to, reminder dates, reminder frequency, escalate to, escalation date and save documents for each of the completed events. This will save your company from any potential NCR’s or loss of opportunity. During renewal, you can simply renew the event and archive previous.

Most importantly, nobody can delete past management records from the OMS. This takes care of loss of data due to hardware failures, or human errors or most importantly any act of Sabotage.

As OMS is working as a virtual quality manager, 75% time of your quality manager and quality representative time can be saved which is equivalent more than hundreds of thousands of dollars thus increasing your company’s productivity margin.