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Please expand on each feature for detailed explanation
Intelligent data capture

Assist technicians to capture accurate and valid data, reducing errors overall

The software pre-fills as much data as possible for the technician who would like to complete the task in a certain amount of time. The platforms aides the user, and works alongside the user to help ease the pressure by intelligently populating data.

The technician is just required to enter the details from a predefined set, and not spend time deciding what to fill. Intuitive tooltips will help if the user has any questions/concerns.

This will help the Technician to complete the task in timely manner, and also reduce the chances of entering invalid data, and help save money for the company, plus reduce the stress on the employee! 

Save $s, and also have a peace of mind, will lead to a prosperous business!


  • Data entry for tests conducted by technicians will only show relevant test procedures/methods depending on the test module
  • Configuring the system to upmost performance is done my top level management and is once off / less frequent activity

Reports submitted to clients can be retrieved by using powerful search engine.