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Master Record List

Master records list

Stop tracking employee credentials manually, with millions of different certifications, qualifications, competencies, skillsets, it is hard to keep track of renewal dates. The OMS platform is one step ahead.

Adding a new record (Competency)

Any certification, qualification, skillset can be added to the master records list which will include adding the normal life period, when the reminder for renewal will be issued to the user and the frequency that reminder will be distributed.

Once these details are complete anytime a user selects this record as a competency these rules will apply.

Automatic email reminders

Once scheduled, the OMS platform will:

  • Automatically send an email reminder the nominated person before the expiry date.
  • Keep sending reminders according to the scheduled frequency, until the certification or qualification is renewed.
  • Escalate through the chain of command (upper management) until the certification or qualification is renewed.
  • Remove access to un-certified or un-qualified staff entering process data, essentially preventing them from completing tasks that require current certification or qualification.