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Staff that have expired certification, need refresher training or periodic assessments are not permitted to carry out critical tasks in the industry until their certification or qualification is current.

In a company with several critical processes and numerous staff, it can be a full-time workload monitoring staff qualification. Manual monitoring of these records can lead to several errors and may result in heavy penalties to your organisation to rework or recall products.

To ensure the lapse of the essential skills or certificates do not impact your business, you can upload several types of essential personnel documents and schedule expiry dates, or renewal dates for each.

    Automatic email reminders

    Once scheduled, the OMS platform will:

    • Automatically send an email reminder the nominated person before the expiry date.
    • Keep sending reminders according to the scheduled frequency, until the certification or qualification is renewed.
    • Escalate through the chain of command (upper management) until the certification or qualification is renewed.
    • Remove access to un-certified or un-qualified staff entering process data, essentially preventing them from completing tasks that require current certification or qualification.

    Once the renewal of the certification or qualification is complete, new expiration dates can be easily entered into the OMS platform. Reminders to renew will automatically stop and the staff member will gain full access to enter process data.

    During this process, the OMS platform will automatically archive expired records. Any personnel records cannot be deleted from the OMS platform, this prevents loss of data due to hardware failure, human error or most importantly any act of sabotage, saving your business thousands of dollars annually and freeing up your Quality Manager or Quality Representative’s time.