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Asset management

Asset Management

Organisations of all sizes can use OMS Software to track and manage equipment. Whether assigning items to users or scheduling asset maintenance. The OMS platform provides comprehensive information on each asset you maintain, it can help businesses streamline maintenance processes, improve asset performances, reduce operational costs, and boost productivity, all in a digitalised format.

The OMS platform will assist your business to:

  • Assign an asset to a staff member
  • Send reminders for scheduled maintenance
  • Send reminders for registration renewal
  • Deactivate an asset that has not completed the required maintenance schedule
  • Provide a dollar value of all assets for insurance purposes
  • Provide a report of all assets for yearend reporting
  • Link an asset to a job
  • Provide a history of an asset

Preventative measures

Never miss a maintenance procedure again. The OMS platform provides a streamlined scheduling processes to alert technicians and managers of an upcoming maintenance requirment, retaining high levels of safety, compliance, and reliability for your business.

Yearend reporting

The OMS platform improves statutory compliance and accelerates year-end reporting. All assets have a current value, the list of assets can be exported to excel for insurance estimation requirements and yearend financial reporting.

The OMS platform is your go-to solution to improve not only your maintenance management but also the performance levels of all your assets across the entire organisation.

Product User Manual

Never lose a user manual again! Upload and store the product user manual, along with asset information all in the one place.