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Employee Management

Employee Management

The processes within the OMS Platform can assist in the management of employees, helping them to do their best work each day, in order to achieve the larger goals of your business.

There are many tasks that fall under employee management and the OMS platform has the following covered:


Time worked can be broken down into numerous activities such as, forklift, coatings, NDT, meetings just to name a few. The activities list can also be customised to your business requirements.

Allowances and leave

Complying with legislative requirements, staff can factor in their applicable car allowance, meal allowance, living away from home allowance and leave in the same timesheet.

Invoicing for staff time

Time entered can be allocated directly to a client job number, allowing seamless invoicing.

Employee records (Certification, Qualification and skills management)

Staff records can be easily managed through the OMS platform. The OMS platform will list of all certifications, qualifications or competencies linked to the logged in user.