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Job & Test Record Management

Secured signing of reports

Unlike other fragmented or individual document signing software systems, the OMS Software Platform is a fully
integrated system, designed  to save your company at least $55 per user, per month.

Within OMS Software, a signature of a signatory is uploaded only once and stored securely within the program.
No other users from your company can view or download or misuse the uploaded signature.

When an OMS Software user is approved as a signatory, in a specific test method, or inspection procedure or a manufacturing process, only then will the OMS platform prompt a user for the signature feature.

With a simple single click, a document can be viewed as a PDF, then digitally signed and then emailed to the pre-loaded email ID..

This simple process eliminates the entire process of downloading documents and then printing, picking from the printer and then manually signing and then scanning, storing on your server and then emailing to the concerned party. It also eliminates unsatisfactory security process wherein some organisations import their signatures in a word document and then convert that document into a PDF.

As the OMS platform is designed to be fully traceable and auditable software, any changes by your staff to the status of a report such as signing or emailing is automatically registered. This provides additional productivity suite to your organisation to
review when and who signed or emailed reports or documents, if and when needed.

The integrated, digitalised & fully secured process in the OMS platform can save your organisation’s stationary cost and manual document handling cost, resulting in increased productivity.  

As an example,

if your company is generating approximately 100 reports per month and your company’s average operating cost is approximately $2.50/minute then at a rate of 5minutes per report you would be saving approximately $15,000 per annum ($2.50 x 5 x 100 x 12) as a minimum cost. This does not include the cost of stationery, printer ink and asset depreciation or rental cost.

In addition to the cost saving, you are indirectly contributing to the environmental sustainability by elimination of printing; which is more significant than cost saving.

Signature security on reports

OMS Software is all about data security and privacy of users.

In most document signing software, signature is either adopted to some random cursive font generated your full name or your signature is uploaded into their document or their system. This signature is then printed on documents which can copied by other parties without your consent and pasted in other documents again without your consent.

In the OMS platform, we handle signatures differently to ensure integrity of the signature is secured and maintained. Firstly, any signature printed on a document is digitally watermarked so that the copied signature cannot be used in other documents as the document number will not match.

Reports on hold

At times a signatory may find an issue or problem with a report and cannot sign off final approval. The OMS platform has a feature that enables the signatory to include comments for the tester to receive via a pop-up on their login similar to the below.