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Client Information Form

A client information form can be downloaded and emailed to the client from this section of the OMS platform. Once the client has filled in this document and satisfied all criteria, they can be entered into the OMS platform as a new client.

Create Client

Clients can be the number one asset for a business, the OMS platform allows you to add all details including credit limit, special instructions, or notes.

Once entered, client records can be updated or edited with additional information, notes documents can be added etc.

Client Search

Clients can be search in the OMS platform using several criteria:

  • Company name and ID
  • Client name and email
  • Debt reminder / suspended
  • Business number
  • State
  • Active status

The OMS platform will provide (at a glance) important information such as business name, ID number, state, outstanding monies owed just to name a few.


Edit Client

You can edit client’s data at any time, using the client search function.