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Manage Bank Payments

Automatic bank feed – payment received

The OMS platform is designed to save every possible minute of labour or time for a business.

Instead of manually entering each bank payment transaction, you can automatically view all records on your screen by simply downloading your bank transactions from the prior period and uploading the CSV file in the OMS platform.

With a single click (apply) received payments to appropriate clients in the OMS platform. Depending on the speed of your accounts receivable staff, this automation can save minimum of 4 hours per 50 transactions per workday. At an average Enterprise cost of $2.50/minute, most Enterprise would save approximately $156,000/annum (260workdays per annum x 4hrs x 60mins x $2.50 per min Enterprise cost).

Note – Enterprise cost can be calculated by dividing total cost by total paid hours.

OMS Software Pty Ltd are in discussions with major banks to obtain automatic API feed so that the download/upload process can be eliminated.