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Payroll Report

Digitalised payroll approval & report

In the OMS Platform your staff can enter their timesheet on the go, at a time and place of their choosing, using their smart phone, tablet, computer etc, reducing the amount of double handling from a traditional paper-based system.

At the end of the pay cycle, Managers can generate a digital combined payroll report for your business or a specific branch and then review online. This report highlights staff claimed hours, overtime, and leave for the pay period. Once reviewed the manager can approve staff timesheet digitally or revise with additional notes.

The payroll officer can view or download this approved payroll report to process in any payroll programs approved by the country’s government taxation body. This process does not require the exchange of any emails or telephone discussion or any substantial interaction with your managers or with other staff, saving substantial time for your organisation, leading to productivity gain and less dependency on a trained payroll officer or an additional license for the accounting software.

Any changes made in the timesheet or the payroll report, by any employee, is fully traceable and auditable in the OMS platform. The integrated, digitalised & fully remote payroll process in the OMS can save your organisation’s stationary and manual handling cost, resulting in increased productivity.