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Staff Approval Status

Staff Approval Status

Staff records can be easily managed through the OMS platform. The OMS platform will list the access levels that a particular user has, to a test method technique.


Current access levels are:

Not Authorised – Can only enter test data for other approved testers. Cannot sign a report

Trainee – Can perform testing under supervision of approved testers, enter test data, but cannot sign a report.

Tester/Inspector/Process – Supervise trainees, perform testing independently, enter test data but cannot sign a report.

Signatory – Supervise trainees, perform testing independently, enter test data and sign a report.

Technical Auditor – Supervise trainees, perform testing, inspection processes independently, enter tata, sign a report, and conduct technical audits on other staff.

Authorised Approver – Authority to supervise other staff, perform testing independently, sign reports, conduct technical audit, approval or revoke approval for trainees, testers, signatories, technical auditors.

From this section of the platform an authorised approver can edit the test method, view a history of the test method for the selected user or approve or revoke access.

For further information on this feature, contact us for an obligation free demonstration.


Security for approve testers

In the OMS platform any user can select another user as the approved tester, however the user selected as the approved tester will receive a notification email,

“[Logged in person name] has used your name in test-inspection-process record no. [Record No] on [date + time]. Ignore this notification if you are aware or investigate further”.