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Manage Users

Manage Users

OMS Software Pty Ltd is all about auditability, traceability, and reproducibility.

In addition to the typical user management available in most programmes, your Business can be reassured that the OMS platform can trace any updates or changes made by any or all users.

The point of difference in the OMS Platform is the authorised user “SuperUser” can obtain a list of all staff access levels, permissions and most importantly the audit trail revealing any changes or updates made by a particular user and the date and time the change was made.

Automatic protection from ex-employee  

OMS is all about data integrity, traceability, security and protection from unwanted users, threats, or intruders.

On may occasions businesses have experienced internal sabotage due to a disgruntled ex-employee. When an employee is separated from a company, there is a process of revoking all IT access. Occasionally, there is a lag in completing this task, leaving your business venerable to such threats.

To manage data breach or any threats from the ex-employee, the OMS platform has been designed with augmented intelligence (AI).  The OMS Platform will automatically SUSPEND the login for the ex-employee due to the absence of time records for the period specified by your organisation.

When a user is suspended automatically by the OMS then only the authorised user at your Enterprise can grant access (if required) to the suspended employees by accessing the user manager section.