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For most businesses, time tracking and invoicing go hand in hand.

The OMS platform has made time entry and invoicing with clients extremely simple. Staff can enter their hours worked into the OMS platform using a smartphone, tablet or computer, at a time and place of their choosing.

Staff activities: Time worked can be broken down into numerous activities such as, forklift, coatings, NDT, meetings just to name a few. The activities list can also be customised to your business requirements.

Invoicing: Time entered can be allocated directly to a client job number, allowing seamless invoicing.

Allowances and leave: Complying with legislative requirements, staff can factor in their applicable car allowance, meal allowance, living away from home allowance and leave in the same timesheet.

The OMS platform also allows you to easily edit/modify any time that you might have missed or allocated to the incorrect job.

Once submitted, timesheets will be available for a manager or supervisor to approve and make changes where required, before submitting to payroll.

Every time a user logs into the OMS platform, the platform automatically searches for that user’s timesheet information. If a timesheet has not been entered for the previous working day the system will automatically exclude the user from performing some tasks, until the time sheet is updated. This ensures, all times are entered into the database, they are more accurate and billed to the client on time.