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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the

OMS Software Platform.


Can you help us take advantage of the 120% tax deduction under the Government announced ‘Technology Investment Boost’?

Absolutely! – On Tuesday 29 March 2022, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg released the details of the Federal Budget. A huge relief for businesses with a turnover of less than $50 million was delivered in the form of a ‘Technology Investment Boost’. From 7:30pm Tuesday 29 March 2022 through to June 2023, eligible businesses will be able to claim 20% of their spend on digital technologies as a tax deduction.

The tax break is intended to help small to medium businesses become more competitive and productive through incentivising spend on technology. If you’ve been thinking of digital transformation in your business, what better time to start! To find out how OMS software can assist you on your digital transformation journey contact us at 

Digital and skills tax boost – small businesses

Who is OMS Software for?

Any business that is looking to streamline manual processes, save time and money on mundane tasks and increase efficiency with their day to day operations, would benefit from implementing the OMS Platform.

How much does OMS software cost?

OMS software’s industry pricing is generally based on a per user per month subscription basis. You can have an unlimited number of user accounts associated with your organisation. We offer flexible subscription options ranging from the full end-to-end functionality to access to single business modules.

How do I arrange a demo?

Simple! – contact us directly at, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange a personalised demonstration based on your business requirements.


Product Utilisation

Does the OMS Software platform have capability of working offline? (offshore oil rig)

The OMS Software platform is designed to be utilised as an instantaneous source of information, minimising double handling & providing real time data. Currently the OMS platform can not be accessed offline, however job details can be downloaded before attending the job and updated onsite. Once Wi-Fi is accessible, the information entered will be automatically updated to the main platform.

Can OMS Software integrate with other inhouse platforms?

The OMS Platform actually eliminates the need for for most other in house platforms, however can integrate with Accounting Packages such as MYOB, XERO.

We also help migrate data from other systems, to keep all data in one place and help businesses operate from a one single source of truth.

Can I edit email content when sending a report to a client?

OMS Software is designed to eliminate as many manual processes as possible, including having pre-configured emails. We do understand that some elements of a process need to be customisable to allow for client specific information and communication. When emailing a report to a client, the pre-configured email text can be modified before sending to a client.

Can any user select an approver on a test record?

In the OMS platform any user can select another user as the approved tester, however the user selected as the approved tester will receive a notification email, every time their name is used as an approve tester, highlighting the person, record number, date and time.

“[Logged in person name] has used your name in test-inspection-process record no. [Record No] on [date + time]. Ignore this notification if you are aware or investigate further”.