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Test procedures

The primary objective in the OMS has always been to provide a complete auditable and traceable LIMS+ERP system with a full suite of productivity tools that can take care of most repetitive tasks by automating those recurring functions.  

When utilising test procedures on a job, the OMS Platform will provide relevant test procedures depending on the test module. The OMS Platform can pre-fill as much data as possible with a predefined set of information, using intuitive tools to help if the user has any questions/concerns.

This will assist to capture accurate and valid data, reducing errors overall, ensuring consistency with data records, and completing the task in timely manner.

Some key features include:

  • The OMS platform Search Grid will show all test procedures that exists for the company.
  • Staff can search for a specific test procedure by procedure number, description, active/inactive status.
  • Staff can view, edit, or hide the test procedure
  • Staff can create new test procedure
  • The OMS Platform has a ‘Tool-tips’ section to assist staff with relevant procedures